Science Kits

Bring these creative and educational Science kits to your home! Each kit comes with different themed activities and books that take learning to a whole new level. Thank you to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for making these Science Kits possible here in Pine River, through their Science Kits for Public Libraries Grant.

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Ozobot Bit Coding Robots Science Kitnew

Contents: 3 Ozobot Bit Robots with Carrying case; 3 Micro-USB charging cords; 4 Broadline Markers in kit; Set of 8 Crayola Markers; 6 protective helmets; Ozobot Bit Lesson Plan, Quick Start Guide, Calibration cards and Step-by-step Instructions.

Botley Coding Robot Science Kitnew

Contents: Introduction sheet; 1 Botley Robot with 3AAA batteries; 1 Carrying Case; 1 Remote programmer with 2 AA Batteries; Instruction Booklet; 40 Coding Cards; 6 Coding Boards; 4 arms, 8 sticks, 12 cubes, 2 flags, 2 balls and 1 goal complete the 78 pc. activity set.

Renewable Energy Snap Circuits Science Kitnew

Contents: Introduction Sheet; Elenco?s Snap Circuits Green Energy STEM building kit with 45+ parts and instruction guide; US Dept. of Energy guide--"Build a Pizza Box Solar Oven."

Simple Machines Science Kit

Contents: 1 Instruction Manual; 1 Book: "Simple Machines: Forces in Action (Do It Yourself)"; 1 DVD: "Bill Nye the Science Guy"; 1 Klutz Lego Gadgets Kit with Book; 1 Roll String; 1 package Ruber Bands; 1 Package Paper Clips; 1 Paper Punch; 1 Metric/Standard Ruler; 1 16 oz Metal Pail with Handle; 1 1'x2" Smooth Board (Incline Plane); 2 Plastic Cups; 3 Thread Spools; Wooden Blocks (1 Square, 1 Triangle, 2 Squares)

Bridge Building Science Kit

Contents: KNEX Introduction to Structures Bridge Building Set (207 pc.); KNEX Bridge building instruction manual and teachers guide; KEVA Structures (200 pc.) Plank Set; KEVA Structures Instruction Manual and Building Suggestions; Kaleidoscope Kids Book: Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build and Test by Carol Johmann and Elizabeth J. Rieth.

World of Coding Science Kit

Contents: 1 Instruction Manual; 1 Book: "The LEGO Boost Activity Book: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics"; 1 Lego Boost Creative Tool Box Fun Robot Building Set & Educational Coding Kit for Kids

Exploring Leonardo DaVinci Science Kit

Contents: 3 Books: "Leonardo's Science Workshop"; "Leonardo's Art Workshop"; "Leonardo DaVinci"; 1 Pair Safety Glasses; 3 Colored LED Light Bulbs; 3 Outlet Adapter Sockets; 1 6 Outlet Power Strip; 1 Ceramic Block Magnet; 1 Directional Compass; 1 Glue Gun; 1 Acrylic Mirror; 1 Acrylic Equilateral Prism; 1 Paper Punch; 1 Multimeter; 1 Wind Turbine; 1 Darning Needle; 1 Miller Planisphere; 1 Set Colored Pencils; 1 Metric/Standard Ruler; 1 Set Grid Paper; 1 Set Cardstock; 1 Package Rubber Bands; 1 Package Brass Fasteners

Math in Nature Science Kit

Contents: 1 Instruction Manual: 3 Books: "Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature", "M. C. Escher: 29 Master Prints", "Math Art and Drawing Games For Kids"; 1 "Math in Nature: Fibonacci Numbers Discovery Kit"; 1 Package 3' Tagboard Squares; 1 Package Colored Pencils; Assorted Pine Cones

Preschool STEAM Exploration Science Kit

Contents: Safety Glasses; Ice Cube Tray; Plastic Egg cartons; Acrylic Mirror; Glue Gun; Markers; Colored Pencils; Paper Punch; Salty Circuit kit; Paper Clips; Pool noodles (in net bag); Copper Wire; Galvanized nails; LED Bulbs; Marbles; Wooden Beads; Funnel; "Steam, Play and Learn" Book by Anna Dziengel.

Electricity and Magnetism Science Kit

Contents: EUDAX School Physics Labs Basic Electricity Discovery Circuit and Magnetism Experiment Kit; Bill Nye the Science Guy: Electrical Currents DVD;

Microscope Our Tiny World Science Kit

Content: Omano Junior Microscope in Microscope Case; Microscope Adventure Cards; Slides in slide storage box; Pipet; Petri dishes; Lens Paper; Well Slides; Blank Slides; Usbourne Science and Experiments: The World of the Microscope Book.

Birds of Our World Science Kit

Contents: 1 Instruction Manual; 1 Compact Student Binocular; 1 Book: "Birds, Nests and Eggs"; 1 Card Game: "Professor Noggin Birds of North America"; 1 Music CD: "Peterson Field Guides Bird Songs Eastern/Central North America"; 1 Pocket Guide: "Backyard Birds of Eastern/Central North America"; 1 Laminated Birdhouse Instruction Sheet; 1 Laminated Birdfeeder Instructions; 3 Birding Journals

Exploring Pond and Stream Life Science Kit

Contents: 1 Instruction Manual; 3 Books: "Explore Your World: Rivers and Streams!", "Explore Your World: Lakes and Ponds"; "Wonderful, Wacky Water Critters"; 3 Pocket Naturalist Guides: "Pond Life", "Reptiles and Amphibians", "Freshwater Fishes"; 1 Aquatic Net; 10 Petri Dishes; 1 5x/10x Folding Pocket Magnifier in Pouch; 1 Basin; 2 Ice Cube Trays

Rube Goldberg Design a Chain Reaction Science Kit

Contents: KEVA (192 pc.) Contraptions and Reactions Set; KEVA Instruction Guide; Tinker Lab Rube Goldberg Machine Guide; Book: "Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines" by Sarah Aronson.