New Online Tool Calculates How Far Your Library Dollars Go - Try It Out!

 “Ever wonder if you get more back in value than it costs you in taxes?”   This calculator does a great job of demonstrating your return on investment for each $1 of taxes you pay, and shows how much you’d pay out-of-pocket if the library didn't exist.

A new online tool lets you, Leon-Saxeville Library Patrons,  calculate how much you save by using the services and resources provided by the library.  The Library Use & Return on Investment Value Calculator – now available at

– shows the total dollar value received related to items & services used, and shows how much library customers get in return for each dollar of tax support.

Winnefox Employment Help Center

Looking for work, but not sure where to start?

The best job search info is at the Winnefox Employment Help Center!

Find everything for your job search there, including...

* Waushara County job openings
* job opportunities in Wisconsin and in other states
* tips for filling out applications
* résumé samples and templates
* job fairs and recruitment events
* videos of job interviewing tips
* free books and brochures

The Winnefox Employment Help Center is a service of the Winnefox Library System.

Weather Related Closing of the Library

The library may be closed when severe weather or hazardous road conditions merit caution.  Announcement of the closing of the library will be listed on the home page of the website and broadcasted on WAUH Radio, 102.3 The BUG.  You may also call the library at 920-987-5110 to see if it is open its regular hours.  If you get the answering machine during normal hours, we are probably closed because of the weather.

Giving the Library Used Materials?

Here are some helpful hints before you bring in used materials.

We need materials about The Town of Leon and the Town of Saxeville (local companies, maps, family histories, local church parishes, etc.)

We also like books published in the last five years, books and movies that are considered recent bestsellers, and clean copies of "classic" bestsellers.

What we don't need (and can't even sell at the used book sale) are books that are in poor condition (yellowed pages, broken bindings, musty smells,) text books older than two years, and dated materials.

Need a tax statement?  If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, count the number of books/movies you are donating.  We give signed and dated receipts for the number of items, but cannot access the value.

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